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Sea Sponge

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Transform Your Shower and Bathing Experience from Meh to Wow with Natural Sea Sponges. Creates Amazing Lather. Pair with Whipped Creamy Soap to create luxurious whipped cream like lather. Luxurious Self Care Treat with Face Polish, Foaming Sugar Scrub and Soap Bars.

Measures 3" to 4" across.

To Use: Drench with warm water, squeeze between fingers as natural fibers hydrate and soften. Apply soap, gently squeeze to mix soap and water, creating lather. Rinse thoroughly after each use and allow to dry.

How to Care-Clean-Renew Sponge:
After using rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry thoroughly after each use.

Every 2-3 weeks (when used daily) soak sponge in approximately 8 ounces of water with a half teaspoon of vinegar for 15 minutes. Remove from solution, rinse with water and squeeze to remove excess moisture. Allow to thoroughly air dry.