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Spring Notes

Featured January - April


Bamboo Green Bamboo, crisp Aloe, Jasmine Petals, base notes of Vetivert and Soft Musk.

Celestial Water Hiking along a Mountain Stream, surrounded by Fresh Air and towering Evergreens with distant Magnolia and Honeysuckle.

Cheesecake A bakery scent of Sweet Whipped Cream, a hint of Lemon Zest with a base of Vanilla Wafers. Smooth sweet decadence.

Coconut Orange Cardamom Sweet, light and fresh. A beautiful blend of soft creamy Coconut, Orange, with a surprising accent from warm Cardamom.

Key Lime Zesty, fresh, dripping with juiciness and just a hint of sweetness.

Lilac Classic and Timeless.

Mellow Relaxing Vanilla, Lavender and Fir Pine, softened with Jasmine and Delicate Musks. So masterfully blended, that no one note stands above another.

North Star (Moved to Fall-Winter) Warm Incense (Frankincense, Myrrh), Soft Musk, subtle Woodsy base. Balance occurs by finding your true North, whether it be a place, person, moment, dream, ideology or whatever it may be for you. Be your true self, Be You.

Orange Blossom Fresh floral of Bergamot and Orange Blossoms - imagine an evening stroll on a warm desert evening.

Orange Zest Dripping with Juiciness and a Sparkle of Fizz.

Sincere Bay Leaf, Fir Needle, Cedar, Bergamot, warm Tobacco Leaves. Fresh, clean with well balanced natural notes without typical cologney ones. As comfortable as blue jeans or that favorite t-shirt.

Violet Fresh delicate floral, straight lovely violet. 

Some fragrance components (such as vanilla or spices) may cause discoloration in soap products over time, and has no impact on quality or performance. Results vary between type of soap and fragrance. Sometimes a fragrance is so good it's worth it.