Processing Times

Most items ship within 1-2 business days. If orders are large, custom or wholesale I am happy to provide an estimated shipping date. On occasion supplies need to be ordered and time frames can vary depending on weather and other reasons beyond my control; if this applies I will communicate this information to you.


Some fragrance components (such as vanilla or spices) may cause discoloration in soap products over time, and has no impact on quality or performance. Results vary between type of soap and fragrance.
All fragrances are Phthalate free. All products are Paraben free. Soy free. Mineral Oil Free. Formaldehyde Free. I've Got Your Back. This is Where Happy AND Wholesome Go Hand In Hand.

Care instructions

Items are temperature sensitive, maximum should not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 43 Celsius. Do not store products in a window with direct sunlight or a vehicle in warm temperatures.  

Soap will last longest if kept in a dish or rack with drainage between uses. Soap gets harder and longer lasting the more it ages, though after awhile you may find the scent slowly fades. If the scent seems soft, it often awakens with use.


Please see Wholesale Inquiry (bottom left).


No, absolutely not

Drop Shipping?

No, absolutely not

International Orders?

Shipping to addresses within United States only.  Different countries have different regulations regarding imports, customs, ingredients, labeling, etc with bath and body products. Honestly, it's a lot just to keep up with USA laws and regulations, let alone another country. Some customers have their purchases shipped to friends, family or freight forwarders in the United States who then forward items to them. Shipping address on order must be located within USA.

Additional Questions

I am happy to answer your questions. Please use the Contact form (bottom left).