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Processing Times

Most items ship within 5 business days. If orders are large or custom, I am happy to provide an estimated shipping date. On occasion supplies need to be ordered, also time frames can vary depending on weather and other reasons beyond my control; if this applies I will communicate this information to you.


Some fragrance components (such as vanilla or spices) may cause discoloration in soap products over time, and has no impact on quality or performance. Results vary between type of soap and fragrance.
All fragrances are Phthalate free. All products are Paraben free. Soy free. Formaldehyde Free. I've Got Your Back. This is Where Happy AND Wholesome Go Hand In Hand.

Care instructions

Items are temperature sensitive, maximum should not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 43 Celsius. Do not store products in a window with direct sunlight or a vehicle in warm temperatures.  

Soap bars will last longest if kept in a dish or rack with drainage between uses. Soap bars get harder and longer lasting the more it ages, though after awhile you may find the scent slowly fades. If the scent seems soft, it often awakens with use.

Keep water out of containers.


Your allergy woes are so understood. Transparency of ingredients is provided to assist you in making informed decisions. However, anyone can be allergic to anything. If you are highly prone to allergies I recommend doing a small patch test on the inside elbow and wait 24 hours to see if reaction occurs.


Q: Why is there an asterisk (*) after some scents?

A: An asterisk designates 100% pure essential oil


Q: Can soap bars be used on hair?

A: This is going to depend on your hair, everyone is different. For short hair, give it a try. With long hair I would be reserved in that recommendation. For some they work great, for many they don't. Some find a small amount of vinegar mixed in water to use as a final hair rinse provides correct hair pH with great results.  


Q: Can Whipped Soap be used on hair?

A: Whipped Soap is formulated to be gently cleansing for the face and body leaving it nourished, yet not stripped. Therefore trying our shampoo is recommend  instead. 


Q: How much scent do you use? 

AMedium strength based on testing and safety guidelines created by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials). Which is a rate deemed safe for bath and beauty products. Using too much can cause skin irritation. With soap, this is enough to thoroughly enjoy in the bath/shower, but not so much it interfere’s with your scent of choice after; even if the choice is to just smell clean.


Q: Can you make the scent lighter or stronger for me?

A: Yes (except soap bars). Leave a checkout note and I am happy to do this for you. Though the products are made from scratch, they are made in batches to have enough on hand for several months to fill orders quickly and be as fresh as possible. When your order is received, they are fragranced and packaged to order so it is easy to customize the amount of scent for you.


Q: Do you offer eco-friendly packaging?

A: Testing is currently underway on multiple container options to hopefully offer eco-friendly packaging in the future. This process is long and involved to subject products to multiple environments and time durations to ensure they hold up to my high standards and expectations. Until available, please recycle if available within your area, or reuse them within your home. Jars are food grade and once cleaned thoroughly can be used to store a multitude of items. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Q: Are items made by hand, small batch, from scratch?

A: Absolutely! No bases are used. Only naturally gentle skin loving ingredients are selected. All products are handmade from scratch by Salgal Co.


Q: Can I request custom ingredients?

A: Yes, but a minimum order applies and size varies with product. Otherwise it's like wanting a slice of cake but the whole cake needs to be made. Sometimes friends or family are willing to go in for a group buy.


Q: Can you duplicate a product for me?

A: Sorry, gotta say no to this one though it may be possible to customize an item for you. An additional charge may apply.


Q: What is order turn around time (TAT)?

A: Typically 5 business days or less to deliver it to the post office. Large orders may be an exception and if this is true I will communicate an estimated timeline to you.


Q: What shipping service do you use?

A: United States Postal Service (USPS) is used for almost all retail orders.

Q: What location are items shipped from?

A: Orders are shipped from Zip code 98036


Q: Will you share your recipe?

A: Months, sometimes years, are spent researching, testing and developing recipes, ingredients and products to bring the best to customers. Recipes and methods are confidential and not shared. Packaging contains a full ingredient list for those that have allergy concerns.


Q: Do you have a storefront? Can I pickup my order? 

A: Online sales are only conducted at this time and will-call is not offered unless you are an established customer with pre-approved pickup options.


Q: Can Discounts and/or Coupon Codes be stacked? 

A: Only one may be used per order. Pick your fav



No, absolutely not

Drop Shipping?

No, absolutely not

International Orders?

Shipping to addresses within United States only.  Different countries have different regulations regarding imports, customs, ingredients, labeling, etc with bath and body products. Honestly, it's a lot just to keep up with USA laws and regulations, let alone another country. Some customers have their purchases shipped to friends, family or freight forwarders in the United States who then forward items to them. Shipping address on order must be located within USA.

Additional Questions

I am happy to answer your questions. Please use the Contact form (bottom left).


I reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason at my sole discretion.