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Autumn Notes

Featured September - December 

Cream Cheese Frosting Rich Butter, Cream Cheese, and Butterscotch

Eggnog Creamy Vanilla, an Extra Dash of Nutmeg, a Hint of Rum, Sprinkle of Cinnamon and Clove

North Star Warm Incense [Frankincense Myrrh], soft Musk, Woodsy base

Raspberry Jam Mouthwatering Freezer Jam with Fresh Picked Raspberries. Wild Raspberry, Sugar Syrup, and Sheer White Musk.

Sugar Cookie Delicious Buttery Shortbread Cookies. Vanilla Extract, Rich Butter, sprinkled with Confectioners Sugar.

Some fragrance components (such as vanilla or spices) may turn honey color in soap products over time, and has no impact on quality or performance. Results vary between type of soap and fragrance. Sometimes a fragrance is so good it's worth it.