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Entire Scent List

Always Summer Tropical Creamy Pina Coladas Beside the Pool. Coconut, Pineapple, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Bamboo Walk Into a Lush Green Bamboo Rainforest where Aloe Grows Wild amid Tendrils of Enticing Jasmine Petals. Base notes of Vetiver and Soft Musk.

Basmati Nutmeg Basmati Rice Milk, Coconut, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Vanilla. Natural Aromatic.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Mouthwatering Sweet Sun Ripened Raspberries with Creamy Vanilla à la Mode.

Blackberry Sage Blackberries with Herbal Dew Kissed Leaves. Remember Carefree Childhood Summer Days Spending Hours/Days in a Large Blackberry Patch with Neighborhood Kids Gathering to Build Tunnels and Forts and Pick Juicy Berries to Bring Home for Sweet Blackberry Pie. Just after a Soft Summer Rain the Patch Emits a Sweet Herbal Aroma that Lingers in the Sub-Conscience Memory Forever.

Barber Shop Aftershave Citrus with earthy Basil and Oakmoss. Modern Old Spice.

Caribbean Coconut Coconut Milk and Creamy Vanilla

Celestial Water Hiking along a Bubbling Mountain Stream, Surrounded by Fresh Air and Towering Evergreens with Distant Magnolia and Honeysuckle.

Christmas Forest A Walk in a Coniferous Forest or A Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Lot.

Cheesecake See Lemon Creme'

Citrus Blossom Bergamot and Petitgrain essential oils (blossoms, twigs and fruit). Limited availability due to current growing conditions.

Coconut Lime Bright Refreshing Lime with a Kick of Coconut.

Coconut Orange Cardamom Sweet, Light and Fresh. A Beautiful Blend of Soft Creamy Coconut, Orange, with a Surprising Accent from Warm Cardamom.

Coconut Pineapple Sorbet Mouthwatering Creamy Coconut, Warm Vanilla with Tidbits of Pineapple.

Cream Cheese Frosting Rich Butter, Cream Cheese, and Butterscotch.

Creamsicle Creamy Warm Vanilla and Sparkling Orange.

Cucumber Melon Classic medley of Summer Melons and Cucumber.

Eggnog Creamy Vanilla, an Extra Dash of Nutmeg, a Hint of Rum, Sprinkle of Cinnamon and Clove.

Espresso Intoxicating Rich Espresso with South American Dark Roasted Coffee Beans, sure to wake you up on dark chilly mornings.

Ever Red (See Pink Kisses)

Flower Shop Bright window displays beckon. You ease into the neighborhood shop and hear the gentle bell hanging from the doorknob. The shop owner smiles and greets you with easy chatter. Water droplets and green stems fill the air and relax the senses. Freshly picked flowers in vivid colors mingle in baskets awaiting bouquets.

Grapefruit Mimosa Summer Brunch with Good Friends. Sitting Deck-side as Sailboats Glide By. Enjoying Laughter and Frosty Mimosas. Juicy Sweet Pink Grapefruit, Effervescent Bubbly, a Tease of Peach with Pineapple Wedges and Mini Umbrellas Perched on the Rim.

Honeysuckle Sitting Amid a Field of Wild Honeysuckle Vines Blooming in the Sunshine.

Key Lime Zesty, Fresh, Dripping with Juiciness and Just a Hint of Sweetness.

Lavender Relax and Unwind with Tranquil Soothing Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender Coconut Smooth Creamy Coconut and Lavender plus Chamomile and Vanilla. Natural Aromatic.

Leather Tobacco Heady Masculine Leather and Tobacco Leaves complemented with Clove, Coriander and Toasted oak. Incredibly Irresistible!

Lemon Creme' Generous Dollops of Whipped Cream, Sweet Lemon Glaze, Vanilla Wafers. Smooth Sweet Decadence (Cheesecake)

Lemon Eucalyptus True Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil, not a blend. Strong camphor notes with a refreshing lemon top, similar to citronella.

Lemongrass Sage Invigorating Lemongrass and Balancing Clary Sage Essential Oils : Bright, Fresh, Clean, Uplifting.

Lilac A Springtime Outing to the Local Nursery where Lilac Blooms Embrace Those Who Wander the Greenhouse as Streams of Sunlight Cascade through Panes of Glass. Classic and Timeless.

Mint Eucalyptus Cool Refreshing Mint Eucalyptus Essential Oils.

Mellow Relaxing Vanilla, Lavender and Fir Pine, softened with Jasmine and Delicate Musks.

North Star Incense (Frankincense, Myrrh), Soft Musk, Subtle Woodsy Base. 

Oatmeal Milk Honey Toasted Oatmeal, Creamy Milk and Sweet Honey. Warm Comforting Goodness of Home (Oatmeal Cookie)

Orange Blossom An Evening Stroll on a Warm Desert Evening Beside an Orange Grove Bursting with Blossoms. Bergamot and Orange Blossoms.

Orange Spice Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils

Orange Zest Dripping with Juiciness and a Sparkle of Fizz.

Pineapple Cilantro Ripe Freshly Cut Pineapple Wedges, very juicy.

Pink Kisses Glowing Pomegranate,  Red Peony, Osmanthus, Vanilla, Marshmallow and Oak. Intriguing, Multi-layered and Complex (Ever Red)

Pomegranate Bright Sweet Pomegranate.

Rain Fresh  A Walk Among Heath and Heather Fields as Coastal Dew Lightly Kisses the Face, Rays of Sunshine Dance Through Wispy Fog and Grass Tickles the Toes. 

Raspberry Jam Mouthwatering Jam with Fresh Picked Wild Raspberries, Sugar Syrup, and Sheer White Musk.

Red Berry Rhubarb Bright Sweet Red Berries Balanced with Crisp Rhubarb.

Rootbeer Bubbly Rootbeer Soda.

Satsuma Tangerine Slightly Softer and Sweeter than Orange.

Sincere As Comfortable as Blue Jeans or Favorite T-shirt. Bay Leaf, Fir Needle, Cedar, Bergamot, warm Tobacco Leaves. Fresh, Clean with Well Balanced Natural Notes without cologney ones (Bay Tobacco)

Ski Lodge Sipping Warm Cocoa Cuddled in a Soft Cashmere Blanket. Vanilla, Cocoa, Cashmere, Sandalwood, Blond Woods, hint of Spice. Cozy, Multi-Layered and Complex (Cocoa Cashmere)

Sugar Cookie Shortbread Cookies with Vanilla Extract, Rich Butter, Sprinkle of Confectioners Sugar.

Sweet Pea Tendrils of Sweet Pea Vines Twine Through Lattice, Flaunting Their Demure and Cheery Blooms.

Sweet Orange Fresh Peeled Juicy Orange Essential Oil.

Vanilla Almond Warm Vanilla Baking Extract Brightened with a Hint of Almond.

Vanilla Cupcake Sweet Warm Vanilla, Generous Dollop of Whipped Cream, Drizzled with Caramel, Chocolate Sprinkles, Piled on Sugar Cookies.

Violet Light and Delicate Violet Blossoms.

Watermelon Sweet Tart and Fun.