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Entire Scent List

Core Favorites Available Year Round plus Three Featured Seasonal Releases
Spring - January through April
Summer - May through August
Autumn - September through December

Always Summer [Summer] Creamy Coconut, Pineapple, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Bamboo [Spring] Green Bamboo, crisp Aloe, Jasmine Petals, base notes of Vetivert and Soft Musk.

Basmati Nutmeg [Year-round] Basmati Rice Milk, Coconut, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Vanilla. Natural Aromatic.

Black Raspberry Vanilla [Year-round] Mouthwatering sweet sun ripened Raspberries with creamy Vanilla à la mode.

Blackberry Sage  [Year-round] Blackberries with Herbal Dew Kissed Leaves.

Barber Shop  [Year-round] Aftershave Citrus with earthy Basil and Oakmoss. Modern Old Spice.

Caribbean Coconut [Autumn] Coconut Milk and Creamy Vanilla

Celestial Water [Spring] Hiking along a Mountain Stream, surrounded by Fresh Air and towering Evergreens with distant Magnolia and Honeysuckle.

Cheesecake [Spring] A bakery scent of Sweet Whipped Cream, a hint of Lemon Zest with a base of Vanilla Wafers. Smooth sweet decadence.

Citrus Blossom  [Year-round] Bergamot and Petitgrain essential oils (blossoms, twigs and fruit). Limited availability due to current growing conditions.

Coconut Orange Cardamom [Spring} Sweet, light and fresh. A beautiful blend of soft creamy Coconut, Orange, with a surprising accent from warm Cardamom.

Coconut Lime [Summer] Bright Refreshing Lime with a Kick of Coconut.

Cream Cheese Frosting [Autumn] Rich Butter, Cream Cheese, and Butterscotch.

Creamsicle [Summer] Creamy Warm Vanilla and Orange.

Cucumber Melon [Summer] Classic medley of Summer Melons and Cucumber.

Eggnog [Autumn] Creamy Vanilla, an Extra Dash of Nutmeg, a Hint of Rum, Sprinkle of Cinnamon and Clove.

Espresso [Autumn] Intoxicating Rich Espresso with South American Dark Roasted Coffee Beans, sure to wake you up on dark chilly mornings.

Ever Red [Autumn] Intoxicating feminine perfume. Glowing Pomegranate, Floral Mid Notes of Red Peony and Osmanthus, with a base of Vanilla, Marshmallow and Oak. Multi-layered and complex.

Florist Shop [Summer] Like wandering in a Florist with Green Stems and Water Droplets Fill the Air.

Grapefruit Mimosa [Summer] Juicy sweet Grapefruit, Bubbly Ginger Ale, Pineapple and Tease of Peach.

Honeysuckle [Summer] Sheer Summery Floral

Key Lime [Spring] Zesty, Fresh, Dripping with Juiciness and Just a Hint of Sweetness.

Lavender [Year-round] Relax and Unwind with the Soothing Scent of Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender Coconut  [Year-round] Smooth Creamy Combination of Coconut and Lavender plus Chamomile and Vanilla. Natural Aromatic.

Leather Tobacco [Summer] Heady Masculine notes of Leather and Tobacco Leaves complemented with Clove, Coriander and Toasted oak. Incredibly Irresistible!

Lemon Eucalyptus [Summer] True Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil, not a blend. Strong camphor notes with a refreshing lemon top, similar to citronella.

Lemongrass Sage  [Year-round] Invigorating Lemongrass and Balancing Clary Sage pure essential oils : Bright, Fresh, Clean, Uplifting.

Lilac [Spring] Classic and Timeless.

Mint Eucalyptus [Year-round] Cool Refreshing Mint Eucalyptus in pure essential oils.

Mellow [Spring] Relaxing Vanilla, Lavender and Fir Pine, softened with Jasmine and Delicate Musks.

North Star [Autumn] Warm Incense (Frankincense, Myrrh), Soft Musk, subtle Woodsy base. 

Orange Spice [Autumn] Sweet Orange, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils

Pineapple Cilantro [Summer] Ripe Freshly Cut Pineapple Wedges, very juicy.

Pomegranate [Autumn] Bright Sweet Pomegranate.

Rain Fresh  [Year-round] Coastal Mist, Green Leaves and Hints of Heather. 

Raspberry Jam [Autumn] Wild Raspberry, Sugar Syrup, and Sheer White Musk.

Oatmeal Milk Honey [Year-round] Toasted Oatmeal, Creamy Milk and Sweet Honey.

Orange Blossom [Spring] Fresh floral of Bergamot and Orange Blossoms - imagine an evening stroll on a warm desert evening.

Orange Zest [Spring]  Dripping with Juiciness and a Sparkle of Fizz.

Red Berry Rhubarb [Summer] Bright Sweet Berries balanced with Crisp Rhubarb.

Rootbeer [Summer] Bubbly Rootbeer Soda.

Satsuma Tangerine [Year-round] Slightly softer and sweeter than orange.

Sincere [Spring] Bay Leaf, Fir Needle, Cedar, Bergamot, warm Tobacco Leaves. Fresh, Clean with Well Balanced Natural Notes without typical cologney ones. As comfortable as blue jeans or that favorite t-shirt.

Ski Lodge [Autumn] Cozy! Sipping Warm Cocoa Cuddled in a Soft Blanket by the Fire. Vanilla, Blond Woods, Cocoa, Cashmere, Sandalwood, hint of Spice. Multi-layered and complex. Unisex.

Snow Bird [Autumn] Escape to the Tropics with Coconut Milk, Sandalwood, Creamy Vanilla with a tease of Pineapple.

Sugar Cookie [Autumn] Shortbread Cookies with Vanilla Extract, Rich Butter, Sprinkle of Confectioners Sugar.

Sweet Pea [Summer] Light Top Note Floral.

Sweet Orange [Year-round] Fresh Peeled Juicy Orange essential oil.  Limited availability due to current growing conditions.

Vanilla Almond [Year-round] A close match to Vanilla and Almond Extracts.

Vanilla Cupcake [Year-round] A Sweet Warm Blend of Vanilla and Whipped Cream, Drizzled with Caramel and a Hint of Chocolate Sprinkles Sitting Atop a Base of Sugar Cookie.

Violet [Spring] Fresh Delicate Floral, straight lovely violet. 

Watermelon [Summer] Sweet and Fun.