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At Salgal the Experience is Revered and Ingredient Quality is Sacred

Salgal® Skin First Philosophy
Purpose is the starting point
1. Face
2. Body
3. Scent

Meticulously Created in Small Batches from Scratch the Old Fashioned Way. Scented and Packaged to Order Ensuring Freshness, Quality, and the Indulgence of a Vast Scent Selection.

Salgal products are found in boutiques, gift shops, specialty stores, lodging/hospitality venues, and has amazing devoted customers

Inspiration: Those Who Believe Love is an Action. Encourage Others. Cherish Family & Friends. Dabble in Whimsy. Are Strong and Determined. Roll Up Their Sleeves and Get Things Done. Struggle and Achieve. Grow through Life's Trials and Triumphs. Savor Simple Pleasures. YOU are home

Ethos: The greatest gift to another person is respect and dignity. There is an abundance of good, and good people, in the world; It's out there waiting for us to find

Historical Timeline

  • 2011 When hit with fierce life altering allergies, adventures began making personal items for necessity. A new love of art + science grew into profound passion (silver lining).
  • 2013 Laid off from a long time job, good karma appeared in a small biz startup class
  • 2013-2015 Business Launch via local farmers markets and craft fairs
  • 2014 Jumped into Wholesale and Private Manufacturing, it fit like a glove
  • 2016 With many amazing loyal customers it was time to move retail ops solely online
  • 2019 Rebranding to Salgal®

Salgal is committed to giving back to community. Occasionally we all need a helping hand. Favorites are Humanitarianism and Disaster Relief

Located in Edmonds WA 

Salgal Co
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