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Celebrate You

Spread Kindness and Compassion

You Love to Laugh. Encourage Others. Cherish Family & Friends. Believe Love is an Action. Spread Kindness and Compassion.

Seek Classic & Timeless. Dabble in Whimsy.

You Are Strong and Determined. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Things Done. Struggle and Achieve. Grow through Life's Trials and Triumphs.

Savor Simple Pleasures.

YOU are home.

Dream Explore Live

Where will life take you today?

Happiness sometimes sneaks in through doors you didn't even know you left open ~John Barrymore

Fearless and gentle, wondrous and brave

She's real, she's deep, she's logical and mystical. 

She believes in kindness and oneness and romance and magic. She's sensitive and distant, a warrior, a lover. She believes in road trips to the stars and dancing with the universe. 

She's fearless and gentle, wondrous and brave. She lives in waterfalls and forests and sunsets and galaxies. 

She's the artist, the thinker, the poem, the dream 

~creig crippen